The visit of the economic affairs coordination deputy of the minister and his entourage of ALKI

The economic affairs coordination deputy of the minister, Mr. Dinparast, and the governor of East Azerbaijan, Mr. Dr. Pourmohammadi along with the respectful chairman of the industry, mining and trade organization of East Azerbaij...


Our factory received great attention by high gloss MDF panel industry representatives.

Many companies in the field of high gloss MDF in Iran visited our factory with Alki dealers and received detailed information about our works. Company representatives and dealers operating in high gloss MDF industry, by paying att...


Our Alki high gloss MDF panel factory was opened by industry, mining and trade minister of Iran.

In Ordibehesht of this year, along with the trip of honorable president of the republic, Dr. Rouhani, together with ministers of the twelfth government to Tabriz, the production line of high gloss MDF panel with Alki brand, as a d...